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Kids Summer Camp 2024
Waitlist (4-5 grade)
Waitlist (1-3 grade)

Origami Fun! Dive into the art of paper folding, Origami. Learn traditional and creative folds, create beautiful folded masterpieces, and enjoy a hands-on enjoyable origami journey.
Anime Drawing Adventure! Discover the world of anime in our basic anime drawing. Perfect for beginners, this class covers character design and life-drawing techniques.
Japanese Cooking Delights! Indulge in the flavors of Japan. From sushi to ramen, our cooking lesson promises a delectable journey through authentic Japanese cuisine.  (vegetarians available upon request)

9am-10:30am - Origami session
10:30am-10:45am - Recess & snack time
10:45am-12pm - Manga drawing session
- Japanese cooking session and lunch

2pm-4pm - Exercise, Japanese tea time and origami session

June 3-6 Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm   4-5 Grade  $399


June 10-13 Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm   1-3 Grade  $399


(Extended care after camp is available from 2-4pm for $160)


Location: Duveneck/St. Francis in Palo Alto

Authentic Japanese Lunch & Snacks included*

Max Participants: 10 for each camp


*Vegetarians available upon request

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