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Origami for Seniors

Origami is a way of expression, and is also a great way to stay engaged and creative. Research shows that origami can help people recovering from hand injury or surgeries by improving hand control, and fine motor coordination, as well as building muscle. It stimulates the brain while the hands create shapes, keeping both mind and body sharp. It is relaxing, enhances self-esteem and provides a sense of achievement. 


Benefits of this class:

  • Hand-eye coordination 

  • Mental skills

  • ADHD, anxiety and depression management

  • Slowing the progression of  Alzheimer


Would you like to have a class in your own space? - We arrange morning classes for home-gatherings. Contact us to set up a custom class for your group.


Halina is an exceptionally kind and patient origami teacher. My husband and I have little artistic skill, and yet with her excellent guidance and step by step instructions, we made rather nice creations which we treasure. 

JL, 81

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