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Your child might have the potential to become a detail-oriented engineer, a surgeon with excellent dexterity, or a thoughtful parent who cares for their family well. Through training that involves holding paper using all ten fingers, following instructions with their eyes, and concentrating on the tasks at hand, children naturally develop attention to detail. This training not only enhances their physical skills but also fosters mental growth, promoting deeper care and attentiveness. It would be my pleasure to introduce a touch of brightness to everyone's life.

Origami and Brain

Origami is like driving. Before executing each folding action, you need to visually check specific points to ensure it's the right spot to fold, and your fingers need to fold the paper securely to prevent it from shifting. Children need to perform these actions every time they fold the paper. Can you imagine the extent to which their brains are stimulated by doing this? - You can see in this video how this student is checking all the points before executing the fold. (3rd grade advanced level student from spring 2023)

PXL_20230510_205717730 copy.jpg

Origami and Psycological Benefits

One of the primary benefits of origami is its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Origami requires concentration and focus, which help calm the mind and reduce anxiety. The repetitive folding of paper can also be meditative, similar to the practice of yoga or meditation. Origami is also believed to provide numerous mental health benefits, such as enhancing mindfulness and focus. It has been utilized in art therapy to address psychological conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

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Origami and Mathematics

The mathematical skills and concepts inherent in origami, including spatial visualization, intersecting planes, areas, volumes, mirroring, and more. Origami can also serve as a valuable tool for teaching symmetry. For instance, through numerous folds, actions performed on one side will be replicated on the other. Origami provides opportunities to explore basic geometric concepts, including squares, rectangles, triangles, equilateral triangles, similarity, and symmetry.

Thank you for all you do for our Greene students. Whenever I see you working with our students, all I see are happy faces. The work you do with our students through Origami gives them a stronger sense of confidence, because completing an origami gives all students a sense of accomplishment. I'm certain our Greene students will always remember their wonderful Origami experience with you.

- Sebastian Benavidez

Principal at Greene Middle School

Palo Alto, California

My son came home really enthusiastic about origami class! He's told me several times over the past few days how much he likes it, and he was excited to tell us all about the things he made.

- JT, Parent

My son chose to take this origami class on a whim, but it immediately became one of his favorite activities. Each week, he’s excited to come home and practice what he’s made in class. After learning to make origami boxes, he made 20 more at home! He made one for everyone in our family before a hike, so we‘d have a way to collect leaves and flowers.  The origami class has truly been such a wonderful experience for him. 

- JM, Parent

My daughter expected Ms. Halina’s class every week and always had a big smile walking out the class showing her new origami to me. I can also feel Ms. Halina’s bonding with the kids, as mine always talked about her! I am glad that there is such a class to make my daughter’s art journey more joyful.

- VC, Parent

You have been spreading such good energy in the classroom, and my daughter has been pretty happy with participating in your class. Anyways, thanks for your time and for making the classes fun. Whenever my wife and daughter come back from your class, she always mentions how friendly and caring you are.

- AK, Parent

My son loved the class, he has always loved origami since he was in kindergarten. I really appreciate this class is appropriate for all levels from beginners to advanced.

- AL, Parent

My son seems to be getting more and more precise, which is great to see! I love seeing how proud he is of the projects he brings home.

- JT, Parent

My daughter loves the class and looks forward to it every week. She is always so proud of what she’s made and can’t wait to show me her masterpieces.

- JL, Parent

My son will miss the after school class after he goes to middle school! We will definitely try to make your Sunday class whenever he doesn’t have a soccer game (soccer is his other hobby, his coach said his techniques are very clean and precise, probably from origami!)

- AL, Parent

Thank you so much for an amazing class. My daughter loved it so much and can't wait to do it in the fall.
- DS, Parent

My daughter learned a lot from Ms. Halina's class - not only about the origami skills, but also patience to keep figuring out the complexity of things that she newly encountered.

Above all, I as a parent am grateful to see she genuinely enjoyed the joy of origami in this class.  Thank you for such a fun class for my daughter and friends.  We are looking forward to the next semester!
- SS, Parent

My daughter has always loved origami, and she enjoys going to the class every time. Folding an origami through book is difficult, and it is very challenging for younger grade elementary child to fold on their own. It was also hard for me that I had to give up sometimes. However, In the class, she can learn how to fold while being taught by the teacher, so even beginners can enjoy it. Since my daughter started going to the class, she has learned how to fold more carefully to make it to more beautiful piece at the end. It's also a good opportunity to learn Japanese traditional handicrafts even in America.

- WN, Parent

I wanted to mention they came back home very happy and proud of their Origami creations this Monday!
- IA, Parent

My son really enjoys this origami course and looks forward to it eagerly every week. He established an Origami club. He planned to share with all the students in the school during lunch break and engage them in origami activities. In the first week, we were all eager to see if his club would be successful. To our surprise, his criteria for judging the club's success was not how many students signed up but rather whether the participating students were fully focused on the project. One day, he enthusiastically shared with us, "Today, I feel very successful. Even though there were fewer participants than yesterday, the students who joined today were very dedicated, and we created some beautiful origami together."

This project not only improved his paper folding and thinking skills but also enhanced his leadership and organizational abilities. It has been truly fantastic!

- IJ, Parent


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